Hinder Asset Management

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Hinder Asset Management AG
Talacker 35
8001 Zurich
P: +41 44 208 24 24

Your benefits

Independence and objectivity
Hinder Asset Management does not take retrocessions or other kick-backs. This means we have no interest in using expensive and complicated investment products. Our goal is the same as yours: to grow your assets!
Personal advice
We listen to our clients and are always more than willing to answer your questions. We contact our clients by phone at least once a quarter. We are also more than happy to welcome you at our premises in the «Rote Schloss» in Zurich.
Professional asset management
We follow developments on the financial markets on a daily basis. Our extensive research helps us to correctly assess market trends and put together an appropriate selection of asset classes. This allows our clients to benefit from active asset management by proven experts.
Low-cost implementation
Our clients enjoy a double benefit: firstly, they save a great deal thanks to the special conditions offered by our custodian banks and secondly, they save through our implementation of the investment strategy using low cost index funds and ETFs.