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Active Index Investing

With our innovative investment approach we apply the fundamental insights of financial market research using index-tracking investments.

«Active Index Investing» is based on three pillars:

  • Systematic research covering more than 80 asset classes, providing the basis for active management decisions.
  • At the heart of the concept are strategic and tactical asset allocation. The strategic asset allocation defines the long-term objectives to be achieved in terms of risk and return of a portfolio. Using tactical asset allocation we implement active overweights and underweights of asset categories to create added value for our clients.
  • Implementing the investment strategy, we focus on low-cost index investments such as index funds and ETFs. These replicate an asset class practically on a one-for-one basis. They are completely transparent, broadly diversified, have low management fees and carry neither manager nor issuer risks.
For a long time our investment concept was the preserve of institutional investors. Today, the broad range of index investments available means that individual investors can now benefit from this systematic approach.