Hinder Asset Management

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Hinder Asset Management AG
Talacker 35
8001 Zurich
P: +41 44 208 24 24

Our values

Systematically focusing on our clients
Our activities are centered on our clients and the task of managing their assets. Emphasizing personal contact we support our clients in their efforts to achieve their long-term financial goals. We share the same conviction as our clients that sustainable investment success can be achieved only through transparent, low-cost investments.
At Hinder Asset Management AG, we focus systematically on our clients' interests. As an independent asset manager, we do not take retrocessions or other kick-backs. We operate on a fee basis only. We are therefore completely free in our choice of investment instruments and can select those that are actually best suited to achieving our investment objectives.
We prefer simplicity to complexity. Our investment approach is transparent and comprehensible. We consistently focus on low-cost index funds and direct investments, while steering clear of expensive and illiquid investment products that offer little transparency.
Professional competence
Managing assets requires a high degree of professionalism. Our staff has a wide ranging competency in the investment field and many years of experience in evaluating the international financial markets. Our research is regularly quoted in the media.